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Meanwhile, party - the winner of parliamentary elections in case of formation " orange " a coalition loses the right to participate in government formation. However, according to experts, such situation can suit in the paradoxical image Victor Yanukovych`s Party of Regions.

As the deputy of the State Duma, the director of Institute of the CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin, " believes; orange " coalitions will operate Ukraine at obstruction from Party of Regions very hard. From the point of view of Zatulin, at Party of Regions the advantage-ground is enough. " it will not bear responsibility for that choice which will make " orange " for a state of affairs in the country, and thus it in variety of regions will continue to supervise a political situation " - he considers. Zatulin has noticed that Yanukovych " should have patience " As an economic situation of Ukraine during board " orange " will not improve, and " will continue to worsen ".

the Party of Regions 2 considers that W/ O its participation to create the capable and steady coalition majority in the newly elected Supreme Rada it is impossible. Such opinion was voiced, in particular, by the chairman of political council of party Nikolay Azarov.

And the head of fraction of Party of Regions in the Supreme Rada of former convocation Raisa Bogatyryov has warned that creation " orange " to a coalition will lead to a diarchy in the country. As she said, the Party of Regions following the results of elections will be " to supervise local authorities in ten areas in the east and the country south where the basic industrial potential " is concentrated;. " Thus, the coalition of Party of Regions and the power in regions has already taken place... Therefore, if president Yushchenko insists on formation " Orange " coalitions in the Supreme Rada, it will mean a diarchy establishment in Ukraine " - has told Bogatyryov.

we Will remind that under the preliminary electronic data of the Central Electoral Committee of Ukraine on the parliamentary elections which have taken place on March, 26th, the Party of Regions from 32,12 % of votes has defeated. Behind it have settled down Yulia Timoshenko block - 22,27 %, the block " Our Ukraine " - 13,94 %, Socialist party - 5,67 % and Communist party - 3,66 %.