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Hearings on Hussein`s business and its former co-workers are postponed till April, 12th

Hearings on business eks - the president of Iraq Saddam Hussein and its seven former co-workers are postponed till April, 12th, informs the Iraq agency NINA.

On Thursday in Bagdad has passed next, 19 - e under the bill, court session on this business. The former Iraq dictator was absent in a court hall.

At the session which has lasted about two hours, one of accused - the former head of Revolutionary court Avad al - Bandar has been interrogated. At hearings on March, 13th he admitted that has signed the order on execution of 148 inhabitants of village Ed - Dudzhejl, but asserted that it has been made within the limits of the law.

At court session on Thursday al - Bandar has declared that " the Revolutionary court was lawful and fair ". It has rejected charge that among the inhabitants of village Ed denounced by these court - Dudzhejl were minors.

Al - Bandar 2 has declared that during the investigation pressure was put upon it so that it has acted as the witness of charge against eks - the president of Iraq.

Hussein and its nearest associates are accused of participation in murder of 148 inhabitants of the Iraq village Ed - Dudzhejl in 1982 after in it attempt at the president of Iraq of that time has been made.