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Losses of wine makers of Moldova are estimated in millions dollars daily

the Interdiction for import of Moldavian wine to Russia every day yields to wine makers losses in some millions dollars.

As the chairman of association of exporters of wines of Moldova George Kozub, " has declared on Thursday of News; to estimate the sum of losses difficult from - for differences of cost of production " more precisely;.

According to Kozuba, " the situation in Moldova develops critical ".

" Wine manufacture of the country has now stopped, - it ascertained. - about five hundred thousand the persons occupied in these and connected with it other branches of agriculture, remain W/ O WRK ".

As considers Kozub, " all it will lead to pitiable consequences not only 4 manufacturers of wine and cognacs, but also 2 crisis in all republic ".

the Chairman of association of exporters of wines of Moldova, estimating strategic importance 4 Moldova the Russian market, has noticed: " 85 % of Moldavian wines are exported to Russia. The remained 15 % of deliveries go to Ukraine, to Belarus, and also to Kazakhstan and other countries ".

Crisis in vinodelcheskoj branches of Moldova, called by an interdiction for import of Moldavian wines to Russia, became a subject of serious discussions at the president of Moldova, in the government and republic parliament.

Deputies, in particular, EVN wanted to create the special commission 4 " current situation studying ". The majority fraction of communists has not countenanced this idea, having explained that it is necessary to wait at first results of the negotiations which are passing in Moscow between the head of agroindustrial department of Moldova and representatives of Russia.

At the same time the management of parliament of Moldova has sent a number of references to a management of the Federation Council, the State Duma, profile committees of the Russian parliament concerning a current situation. Visit of group of deputies to Moscow prepares 2.

For now the Moldavian manufacturers of wine search for new commodity markets of production. Experts name, in particular, Romania as potentially strategic market 4 Moldavian wine. This year it is planned to open specialised wine trading houses in China, Poland and the Baltic States.

the Interdiction for deliveries to Russia of wines from Moldova and Georgia operates since March, 27th in connection with the revealed infringements of the sanitary code. According to the main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, in Georgian and Moldavian wines heavy metals and pesticides have been found out.