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Exile of the inhabitant

is equal ten years ago, in 1996, has taken place 1 - yj the international MTH of a photo in Moscow. For the last years photobiennial has turned to one of the largest art events in capital. And all thanks to persistence of the inspirer and the organizer of exhibitions of the director of the Moscow house of a photo of Olga Sviblovoj.

this year among   participants - stars of the first magnitude photographers of Nan Goldin, Sebastian Salgado, Bettina Rheims. Fund Brassaja has developed an exhibition of pictures of the master « Night Paris » which it has made in 30 - e years of the last century. Nearby and the Russian masters: classic Rodchenko, group AES+F., Sergey Bratkov, Vladimir Dubosarsky, Leonid Tishkov, Alexey Kostroma, etc.

Lately there was quite also that art accent which becomes organizers of event, it is the rate on visual shock more often, is more rare - the reporting of the eyewitness, is even more rare - a psychological portrait or a still-life. The preference is given to series. The domestic master usually adjoins by contrast or on a rhyme to the general subject.

Well, it is a high time to put end.

the photoconcordance of American Nan Goldin ABT dramatic nature of sex and on a broader scale ABT the tragical nature of a NE passionate inclination became Doubtless event bennale. A series of pictures of LUVed girlfriend Cooks where there is all from headdresses, a toilet bowl, wedding Cooks W Vittorio to death of Vittorio from AIDS. And, at last, death Cooks, lying in a coffin.   it simultaneously enslaves all and frightens of a self-damage drama.

How much loses Nan Goldin and ours massovik - inventor Sergey Bratkov who works in a manner of children`s horror stories of type: To me the MA in the childhood has pricked out eyes that I have not found jam in a case. Now I do not go to the cinema and I do not read a fairy tale. But I smell and I hear Gud.

to Think up terrible signatures 2 family pictures, to put on a stool of the M8 in points and to adhere its chain to an oak (« the Cat the scientist »), missing to remove the naked body, and God forbid to be wounded, all is too calculated. There where ispolosovala itself till it bleeds - Bratkov shows to Nan Goldin safe sex of a narcissism.

group AES+F has gone To the same country of painless dreams also., which has shown to public giant photos of elegant teenagers, (a series « Last revolt ») Which have threatened against each other swords, in baseball bits, have aimed automatic machines from plastic, showing a faultless intellectual message: poses will not wound, revolt fiktsy is doomed to victory. But! Ideal execution is amazed by ideal carrion.

As Pushkin used to say: I C in it a lot of art, but creativity drops.

B4 us the culmination of a production photo which has degenerated in strategy of dead gestures. I have tried to find out on cloth +., at least one small trauma. Also has with great difficulty found out only rumpled small bottle from - under mineral waters « VIAN ».

In the same cloudless country of gestures - and doll kiddies of the sleep-walker on pictures of German Loretty the Suite, and a series of Ali Esipovich « Happiness » where against bed love steams are photographed. She is always young and faultlessly dressed, it is always old and faultlessly disgusting in a status of the hardened lust. Production character of these anticipations deprives a picture of the slightest elements suggestii. And though it enters into a plan of the author, you leave embraces of a series W/ O a disarray shade. Just the same ice of alienation breathe in the person and   gloomy poses Yana Saudeka.
Meanwhile both picturesqueness, and a narcissism and bespolost can stun, can! And it is proved fine by other brilliant Czech Ivan Pinkava. Its difference from carrion only one - it is live. So under blow of a crosier of the Moses from a stone rock water pours into hands of Jews streams.

the Secret of the basic contradiction bennale, I have solved, when it has appeared at stands W artless - most « razsovetskimi » - pictures of BRO Alexey and Edward Zhigajlovyh.

I have AOTS started with boredom and began to go from one picture 2 another - here lonely Academician Saharov, here young Gorbachev and Raisa in shop at a counter W dead hens, here Evtushenko reads verses in Polytechnical, here a uniform of generalissimo Stalin W the pulled down peak-cap of the generalissimo, here Yeltsin and the tankman at the White house, here tanks at the Bolshoi theatre...

Here where the crowd pushed the people.

These unartful pictures did not apply for a call, they only fixed life. And, the word of honour, in this primitive impersonality is the truth.

BTW, master Brassaj just shows this quality of brilliant absence itself in pictures of night Paris. Its old prostitute in rings only the prostitute and only. The beauty of the removed should be mechanical, as at Nan Goldin or Rodchenko.

However, the beauty 4 a picture at all also is not obligatory.

a photo Essence to fix, sow in eyes sand of impressions, instead of to grow up baobabs   ambitions.

We have not noticed, how the photo has turned from the most democratic art to haughty and extremely pretentious art. The mass spectator, the inhabitant of destiny, the proletarian of taste is expelled by scourges of aesthetes from halls, to only lonely judges under force to estimate this art   a call.

is shorter, the photo should be the servant of crowd.

It so is initially conceived. It not philosophy.

the Picture the Servant of the person, instead of the mister of slaves.

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