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Ehud Olmert has RCVed the mandate on formation of the new government

the President of Israel Moshe Katsav on Thursday has charged to generate the new government of the country fulfilling duties of premieres - minister Ehudu Olmertu. Party headed by it " Kadima " has won victory on parliamentary elections.

" I Have honour to declare that I have made decision to ask a member of Knesseth Ehuda Olmerta to generate the government " - Katsav meeting Olmertom in the Jerusalem residence has told.

As well as all previous offices, 31 - e the government of Israel will be coalition. The basic criterion of selection of partners of Olmert has sounded B4 elections - support of the plan of delimitation W Palestinians and definitions of constant borders W Israel.

" These plans will lay down in a basis of activity of the government. I think, it 2 is known to all potential partners " - Olmert has told, having promised to generate an office in the shortest terms.

On formation of the government which should lean against support not less than 61 members of parliament, Olmerta have 28 days W possible prolongation on two weeks. If in this time to create the government it will not be possible, the president has the right to pass the mandate to other deputy of the Knesseth.

it is already known that the key partner " Kadimy " in ruling coalition there is a left-wing party " Avoda " taken on elections the second place. Other participants will be defined during the negotiations, which Olmert has begun W parties presented in parliament, practically right after voting summarising.

Places in the Knesseth 17 - go convocation have divided among themselves 12 parties. The greatest number of mandates, 29, has RCVed " Kadima " on ten it is less at " Avody " The third - the fourth place W 12 mandates have divided ultrareligious SHAS and right " Likud " on the fifth it has appeared " Russian " party " Our house Israel " 11 deputies delegating to parliament.

Parliamentary elections in Israel have taken place on March, 28th.