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Eurocement grup will construct new factory in the Voronezh region

Eurocement grup will construct new factory in the Voronezh region in cost of an order of 150 million euro.

As they say in a company MSG, the agreement on realisation of this investment project has been signed by the head of administration of the Voronezh region Vladimir Kulakovym and the president Eurocement grup Michael the Fast walker.

capacity 1 million tons a year plans to construct Factory in Podgorensky area on the basis of the deposit of a marl with the same name, sand and a chalk. Term of realisation of the project - 2,5 - 3 years.

According to a MSG, the administration of the region incurs the obligation to provide a favorable investment climate and to promote in the decision of questions being in its competence. Eurocement grup carries out all necessary preparatory measures, develops the project of factory and carries out its building.

Eurocement grup realises the intermediate term investment program till 2008 for the sum more than $560 million which purpose is maintenance and increase in manufacture at factories entering into holding. As a result of the planned actions the company can increase the capacities by 2010 more than on 9 million tons. It will contribute in maintenance with cement of the national program on building of accessible habitation.

Eurocement grup unites 15 factories two of which are located in Ukraine. Capacity of holding makes 33 million tons. It includes Maltsovsky portlandtsement (Bryansk region), Mihajlovtsement (Ryazan region), Lipetsktsement, Savinsky cement works (Arkhangelsk region), Katavsky cement (the Chelyabinsk area), Nevjansky tsementnik (Sverdlovsk area), Kavkaztsement (Karachaevo-Circassia), Oskoltsement (Belgorod region), the Belgorod cement (city of Belgorod), Pikalevsky cement (Leningrad region), Podgorensky tsementnik (Voronezh region), Uljanovsktsement (Ulyanovsk region), Zhigulevsk strojmately (Samara region), Baltsem (Ukraine, the Kharkov area) and Kramatorsky cement works of the Down (Ukraine, Donetsk area). Shipment of production to consumers is made through 25 marketing branches in 50 regions of the country.