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the Council of Federation has countenanced amendments to the law on association of Perm and Komi - Permjatsky joint-stock company

the Federation Council at plenary session on Friday by a majority of votes has supported modification of the federal constitutional law " ABT education as a part of the Russian Federation the new subject of federation as a result of association of the Perm area and Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region ".

the Chairman of Committee of chamber on affairs of Federation and the regional policy of Rafgat Altynbaev, acting at session, has underlined that this document has been prepared because in December of this year should expire a term of appointment of Legislative Assembly of the Perm area and Legislative Assembly of Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region.

" New amendments establish that elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of incorporated Perm edge of the first convocation will take place on December, 3rd, 2006 " - the senator has informed.

According to Altynbaeva, amendments enter the norms establishing number of deputies of Legislative Assembly of the Perm edge of the first convocation in number of 60 deputies.

" Besides, 4 maintenance of representation of Komi - Permjatsky district of Legislative Assembly it is established that from among the deputies selected on one-mandatory districts, 28 2 deputies - on districts in territory of Komi - Permjatsky district " are selected on districts, obrazuemym in territory of the Perm edge, and; - the senator has told.

Altynbaev has explained that such scheme of elections allows to observe requirements of the selective legislation of the Russian Federation ABT approximate equality of one-mandatory election districts on number of voters taking into account permissible deviations.

the Law arrives for the signature to the president.