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Perminov will personally check preparation of companions " KAZSAT " and " the Squirrel "

the Head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminov took under personal control questions of preparation for start of the Kazakh companion " KAZSAT " and the Belarus space vehicle " the Squirrel ".

" I took this start as it is very important 4 maintenance of close relations W Kazakhstan and Belarus " on personal control; - Perminov vitse - to the prime minister, the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov has informed, reporting on a status of the Russian space branch.

Predictably, start of companions " KAZSAT " and " the Squirrel " should take place on June, 8th, 2006.

According to Perminova, now in it is rocket - space branch of Russia works about 18 thousand persons. The AVG salary of workers of branch has grown: if in 2004 it made 8197 roubles, on the end of 2005 - already 9200 roubles.

At the same time, a number of the enterprises of Russian Space Department has the big debts against the budget. On the slides presented to the Minister of Defence, it was SPK about 28 enterprises of branch having formal signs of bankruptcy.

" Really in a difficult status there are 12 enterprises, and we know that W ANY1 of them to do " - the head of Russian Space Department has told thereupon.

As he said, very big debts were available at NPO a name of Lavochkina, but in 2006 the formal debts of the enterprise will be considerably reduced.

As a whole there is a tendency to reduction of number of the enterprises having formal signs of bankruptcy. So, in 2005 of such enterprises was 38, and as of April, 2006 - 28.