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Mininformsvjazi predicts recession of growth of incomes of cellular communication services

the Ministry of information technologies and communication of the Russian Federation predicts decrease in rates of increase of incomes of cellular communication services in Russia from 20 % in 2005 B4 5 - 6 % in 2008.

By words zamglavy Mininformsvjazi Dmitry Milovantseva, in 2005 incomes of cellular communication services in Russia have made 300 billion roubles, in 2006 they will increase B4 an order of 360 billion roubles, in 2007 - B4 380 billion roubles, and in 2008 - B4 400 billion roubles.

" Extensive rates of increase of cellular communication are settled " - Milovantsev ascertained. In its opinion, cellular operators it is necessary to take measures to break this tendency connected with saturation of the market.

the Deputy minister has noticed 2 that now real level of penetration of cellular communication in Russia makes approximately 60 - 70 % whereas according to official figures this indicator makes 87 %. However, according to the deputy minister, this figure considers so-called double SIM - maps. According to Milovantseva, 100 % - nyj penetration level can be reached by 2008.