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the Rating of the present president of Brazil has started to decrease - poll

the Rating of the present president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, which else five days ago confidently advanced the basic rivals on laying ahead in the autumn of 2006 presidential election, has started to decrease.

the Main reason of falling of popularity of the head of the state is scandal in the government in which result Minister of Finance Antoniu Palossi has been urged to retire, it is marked in the data of poll of institute ˝NT/ Sensus, extended on Tuesday.

According to results of poll, in case of elections to the next Sunday for the party leader of workers 37,5 % of voters in comparison with 40 % last week would vote. The rating of basic rival Lula, the former governor of staff the Dignity - Paulu Zheraldu Alkmina representing sotsial - democratic party, has grown B4 20,6 %. Other opponent of the present head of the state, the former governor of staff of Rio - de - Zhanejro Anthony Garotinju from Party of the Brazilian democratic movement, 2 has typed additional votes of voters and is on the third place from 15 % of voices of respondents.

In case of carrying out of the second tour Lula would defeat Zheraldu Alkmina, having RCVed 45 % of voices against 33,2 % of its basic opponent. According to the data of previous poll in February, Lula would defeat W result of 51 %, and Alkmin would type only 29,7 % of voters.

If in the second tour there was a candidate from PBDD, the present head of the state would reserve fast, having typed 48,5 % of voices against 24,2 % from opposition.

As political scientist Rikardu Gedes considers, results of research should minister a signal of caution 4 the government owing to falling of its rating and an exit on arena of new politicians. To one of such new political figure became senator Eloiza Elena (she has created Party for a socialism and progress which has broken away as the left wing from Party in power of workers). 4,3 % would vote For it in the first tour, and in the second she would lose to Lula, having typed 19,3 % of voices. Were soratnitsa Lula on party would become the most EZ opponent 4 the president who would defeat, having RCVed 56,6 % of voices of respondents.

Poll has been spent among 2 thousand persons in 195 municipalities 3 - on April, 6th with degree of an error plus - a minus of 3 %.