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In Bishkek known politician Edil Bajsalov

In capital of Kirghizia unknown persons is wounded have wounded the known politician, legal expert Edilja Bajsalova.

About ten minutes ago on the leader of a coalition " For democracy and a civil society " on an exit from its office the unknown person has attacked.

As Bajsalov who at the moment is in branches nejrotravmy has informed News, he has felt a blow to the head and for a second has fainted, and driver Bajsalova heard a clap, as from a shot.

Just Bajsalovu have made a X-ray, character of wound is found out.

As the deputy who has arrived to hospital of republican parliament Melis Eshimkanov has declared to journalists, on the eve of Bajsalov was converted 2 deputies of parliament W the request " to help it W protection as he felt that its car was pursued some times by unknown persons ".

the Deputy has informed that they were converted into the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic and within the next few days Bajsalovu should provide protection.

To hospital there has arrived the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia Omurbek Suvanaliev.

Bajsalov, the known politician in republic, the leader of a coalition of the non-governmental organisations " For democracy and a civil society " recently has made a number of sharp statements concerning attempts of occurrence of criminal authorities in authorities of Kirghizia.

It 2 supported cancellation of results of by-election in parliament on Balykchinsky election district where has defeated Ryspek Akmatbaev - which is the defendant on criminal case ABT murders of the police officer and more three persons and participation in an organised criminal group.

Bajsalov was one of organizers passed in the past Saturday in Bishkek mass manifestation of protest against attempts of occurrence of a crime in power structures. In the action have taken part about two thousand inhabitants of capital.

Organizers of the action have declared that in case of default of their requirements, they will repeat the same action on April, 29th.