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the Eurocommission has reconsidered the forecast on economy growth in the countries of a zone of euro

Eurocommission has reconsidered towards fall the forecast of indicators of economic growth for nine MTH 2006 in 12 member countries of the European Union entering into a zone of euro.

As have informed in a press - Eurocommission service, according to a new expert estimation, as a whole on the states which have passed to uniform European currency economic growth will make in the first quarter 0,4 - 0,8 %, in the second - 0,3 - 0,8 %, in the third - 0,2 - 0,8 %.

In March experts predicted a gain of indicators of economic development of the countries of a zone of euro for all three quarters in a range 0,4 - 0,9 %.

Among the reasons by which forecast revision on economic growth is caused, observers name necessity of carrying out Germany, France and Italy structural reforms for the purpose of reduction of deficiency of the state budget which exceeds the lath established by Bruxelles in 3,0 % of gross national product. As other risk factor is called growth of the world prices for oil.

In February the Eurocommission predicted that following the results of 2006 economic growth as a whole on the countries of a zone of euro will make 1,9 %. The new look-ahead estimation will be published in May.