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Putin has accepted credentials of ambassadors of eight countries

Vladimir Putin on Thursday has accepted credentials of ambassadors of eight states in the Big Kremlin palace.

To the Kremlin ambassadors of Republic Guatemala, Azerbaijan, Kingdom Morocco, Kazakhstan, Palestin, Republic Ghana, New Zealand and Egypt have been invited.

the Accrediting reading and writing is a document W which help accreditation of the diplomatic representative is carried out. It certifies representative (diplomatic) character of mission and the person of the diplomatic representative.

the Reading and writing contains a name and a title (rank) of the sender and the addressee, a name and a rank of the diplomatic representative, the request " to believe " to the last as the representative of the given state.

the Diplomatic representative hands over the accrediting reading and writing at the first audience at the head of the state, and its certified copy is preliminary forwarded to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By tradition, the president accepts reading and writing and makes the speech devoted to the most actual international problems, and also characterises relations of Russia W the states, whose ambassadors hand over it credentials.

the ceremony Report provides that for the ambassador of the foreign state the car of a representation class of ZiL on which it arrives to the Kremlin is sent.

As writes in the book " the Everyday life of the Kremlin at presidents " the chief of the report of the first president of Russia Vladimir Shevchenko, " not later than 20 minutes prior to the beginning of ceremony ambassadors of the foreign states drive to an internal court yard of the Kremlin residence ". Having passed through a main entrance, they rise on a front staircase of the Big Kremlin palace on the second floor. Along the line ambassadors the guard of honour is exposed.

Ceremony of delivery of credentials is usually spent some times in a year. The previous has taken place on February, 3rd. Ambassadors of nine states have taken part in it - Venezuela, Greece, Democratic Republic Congo, Zimbabwe, Moldova, Panama, Romania, Czechia and Estonia.