Rus News Journal

the Government has allocated for protection of witnesses in Russia of 950 million roubles

the Government of the Russian Federation has confirmed the program " ABT the state protection of victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal legal proceedings " informs on Thursday a press - cabinet service.

the Program is calculated on 2006 - 2008. Financial expenses for its realisation make 948,72 million roubles.

Most of all means it will be spent for a time premise of protected persons in a safe place (321,51 million roubles), on bodyguard, dwelling and property protection (253,09 million roubles) and on resettlement of protected persons on other residence (169,49 million roubles).

In the application to the program it is noticed that " sharply changed economic and socially - political living conditions in a modern Russian society have led to escalation of the organised and transnational criminal activity ".

" Criminal groups do not hesitate in a choice of means and methods, make the illegal acts accompanied by special cruelty and cynicism. Quite often they operate openly and impudently as are assured of the impunity " - it is SPK there.

" 2 diligent participants of criminal legal proceedings the refined, carefully planned and skilfully realised receptions of physical and psychological influence are even more often applied. Numerous cases of refusal and evasion of victims and witnesses from participation in criminal legal proceedings " became result of it; - it is marked in the document.