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Rich buy up the well-known. Auction Sotheby ` s has arrived to Moscow

the section of old Soviet cars Presented by tradition it is conditionally possible to divide on " simply old cars " and on so-called " chlenovozy " armour capsules on wheels, in which went (or were going to go) members of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU, informs " Businessman WEEKEND ". Unique ZIL possesses the highest class of security. As marks magazine " Auto. HI - FI " the chassis design is that that it cannot be turned, and the domestic reservation (a steel 68Ň├Đ╦╠═ with spetsdobavkami) - one of the best in the world.

Another " the Soviet old man "   GAS ╠20 1955 (estimated cost - $45 000 - 50 000) – the car " Victory " 1955, belonging to the former tankman, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. The car has been redeemed, restored and specially prepared 2 60 - j to anniversary of Victory in the Second World War: " tuning " cars personally known Moscow aerocount Igor Rjabovov who has painted the car under sketches of the National artist of Russia of Victor Ivanovicha Makeeva was engaged.

" Baby Izi "

It is presented at auction and the baby " Izetta " BMW Isetta 250 release of 1959 (estimated cost of $32500 - 33600) - the animated German car of an epoch " the big economy ". Despite a humour and igrushechnost, " Izetta " it is hardy and obstinate, as a young donkey, - marks " Businessman WEEKEND ". Such three machines participated in last year`s race Mille Miglia, and all three have reached finish, having left 1600 kilometres of an uneasy line.

" Rare sekond - a hand "

Car Wiesmann - Roadster MF 3 2006 (estimated cost - € 250 000 - 330 000) has been made manually and supplied by all components of well-known Roadstera. The anniversary copy will be supplied by the tablet W signatures of founders of company Wiesmann: Fridgelmom and Martin Vismann. In total in a year 100 similar cars are made only.
it is exposed on the auctions and the former car of a star of the American football of volume of Brejdi Pors˝he ˝ayenne TURBO 2003. That Brejdi, supporting the command   New England Patriots, three consecutive times were won by the well-known cup Super Bowl. Together with the car is on sale and   a portrait of the football player the autograph. The general estimated cost - $154 000 - 156 000.

" Infernal race cars "

Are presented at auction and two " an infernal race car " - the car - the rocket Koenigsegg ˝˝R ,   395 km developing the maximum speed/ ch   and a single racing race car, participant A1. " For € 1350 thousand someone can afford this multi-coloured racing little bird, but some more millions will be necessary to construct any line " - writes " " Businessman WEEKEND ".

the present hit of future auctions the disks inlaid with semiprecious stones urged to become. For example, disks ASANTI presented in Expocentre, " All stone " WHEELS, cost $350 000, are decorated by 63 000 stones.

Russians LUV and know, how with taste to spend money. Their generosity is well-known all over the world. " Fajnenshl Tajms " quotes the editor of the Russian edition of magazine " L ’ Offi˝iel " Elena Hromchenko, trying to explain a phenomenon " wide Russian soul ": " You should understand that the concept of economy of money " for rainy day " it is not greeted in Russia. Russians consider that if to W8 for a rainy day it necessarily will come. Where it is better to buy on this money of a shoe from Manolo Blahni˝. In the end - the ends unless - that bad can happen W the girl in such magnificent shoes? "

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