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the Water level in the Yew river in territory of Serbia, continues to grow

the Water level in the Yew river in territory of Serbia, continues to grow. Level of Danube 2 raises on a site beginning downstream from the city of Novi the Garden, inform on Thursday the Belgrad hydrometeorological services.

the difficult situation has developed in independent territory Vojvodina in the north of the country. It is expected that on Thursday the government of Serbia declares state of emergency in such areas of Vojvodina, as Zrenjanin, Titel and Zhabal.

the Water level in the Yew at the city of Titel has reached record value for all time of supervision - 804 centimetres. It on 10 centimetres above the previous record registered in 1965. About 500 townspeople of Titelja are mobilised for building of time dams. They in two changes fill with sand bags and deliver them to coast Yews in those places where there is a threat of flood of water.

It is declared possible mobilisation of workers of state enterprises, however already now citizens as self-organising create groups of protection against flooding.

in historical area of Belgrad - Zemune has already reached Level of Danube of 760 centimetres. The quays adjoining to the river known as traditional vacation spot of townspeople, are deluged.

Water in Danube in a disctrict of the city Gradishte on border W Romania Is great has reached level in 915 centimetres and continues to grow. Throughout all night from Tuesday to Thursday groups on duty protected the constructed earthen protective shaft from elements blow.

To Danube around hydroelectric power station " Dzherdap " on border of Serbia and Bulgaria 15400 cubic metre of water that is an absolute record for all time of existence of power station and a water basin every second arrive. The previous record made 15300 cubic metre and has been fixed in 1981. It is expected that the new record - on Friday or Saturday inflow of water to Danube to area " will be blocked also; Dzherdapa " can exceed volume in 16000 cubic metre.

On struggle against flooding as has informed on Thursday the Ministry of Defence of Serbia and Montenegro, in various regions camps it is directed more than two thousand military men and pupils of military colleges. They help the population in a construction of protective embankments. In operations on struggle against elements participate about hundred units of military technology. Besides, in a number of country areas divisions are involved in actions for protection against flooding military - air forces and protivozdushnoj defences.