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In bank " Oil " do not CFM with the activity termination

In bank " Oil " do not CFM with the information on the termination of bank activity.

As Olga Artamonov, " has informed News the assistant to the chairman of the board; liquidation - while the fact non-credible ". At the same time she has assumed that more exact information can appear in the middle of the next week.

As it was informed earlier, on March, 29th the Moscow City Court recognised as lawful delivery of the correspondence sanction on arrest of the head of concern Oil Igor Linshitsa accused of illegal bank activity and legalisation of 57 billion of roubles. Thus, the court has refused satisfaction of the appeal of the lawyer which insisted on a recognition of the decision of Basmanny Court illegal and unreasonable.

" The decision of Basmannogo of district court of Moscow from March, 1st, 2006 on which the preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment concerning Igor Linshitsa is selected to leave W/ O change, and the appeal - W/ O satisfaction " - the judge has declared, disclosing the decision.

Lawyer Henry Padva representing interests of Linshitsa, has declared that Basmanny Court conclusions are not CFMed by proofs.

" the Preventive punishment is selected W/ O the sufficient bases on that. There is no data that Linshits, being at large, can be engaged in criminal activity, destroy proofs " - has underlined Padva.

According to the lawyer, " the essence of the crimes incriminated by Linshitsu, consists in illegal bank activity ".

" the Bank does not operate now. How it can continue to carry out illegal illegal activity? Linshits, being the chairman of board of directors of bank " Oil " could not make the decision independently " - the lawyer has added.

At the same time the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor has underlined that Linshits is accused in heavy and especially grave crime. " now it absconds and is outside of the Russian Federation, thus has possibility to put pressure upon witnesses and to threaten them " - the public prosecutor has informed.

As he said, the money RCVed from illegal bank activity, is on an abacus in the German bank. " Linshits can prevent a consequence, destroy material evidences, and also draw out money in bank " - the public prosecutor has declared.