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At a collapse in shop " Copeck " one person was lost, one is rescued

. Office of Public Prosecutor of Prioksky area of Nizhni Novgorod upon a collapse of a roof of shop " Copeck " in the street 40 years of October has filed criminal charges, have informed in regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

Business is raised under item 216 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules at conducting the civil work, entailed on imprudence death of the person).

At a collapse of a roof of shop in Nizhni Novgorod one person was lost, one managed to be rescued.

From two persons who have appeared under blockages, one remained is live, and it have taken to hospital W serious traumas, and the second was lost - it has pressed down concrete plates that doctors " ascertained; first aid ".

ABT the reasons of state of emergency while it is not known.