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Putin: Russia will consider opinion of ecologists by preparation for the Olympic Games - 2014

Vladimir Putin considers very important interaction W the ecological organisations by preparation for Olympic Games carrying out in Sochi in 2014.

" This question very important. We have come into quite good contact to the ecological organisations - both international, and Russian. We would commit a huge error if did not consider opinion of the ecological organisations " - the president of the Russian Federation in conversation with journalists in the Red Glade has told.

Putin has noticed that members of the government are in direct contact to the ecological organisations. " we should not admit at all though any damage to the nature. It is our property " - the president has underlined.

In its opinion, it is necessary to find balance between creation of possibilities 4 playing sports and nature preservation. " In contact to the ecological organisations such balance, I hope, it will be found " - Putin has declared.

the Russian city of Sochi along with South Korean Phenchhanom and the Austrian Salzburg applies for the right to become capital of the winter Olympic Games - 2014.