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In the markets of Moscow third of trading places

is empty. In the retail markets in Moscow every third trading place is not used, and in a number of regions is empty more than half of shops. Such data is resulted in matelah Rosstata prepared for meeting passing on Tuesday at the premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation of Michael Fradkov concerning regulation of processes of external labour migration.

" In the markets of Moscow every third trading place, and in St.-Petersburg is not used, Smolensk and Tambov areas is used 45 - 49 % from the general presence of trading places " - marks Rosstat.

Besides, in matelah it is noticed that most low interest of use of trading places is observed in the agricultural markets of the Moscow and Tambov areas, St.-Petersburg and Moscow - only 26 - 43 % from total of shops.

In the markets the trading places fixed to private persons and country farms while almost all places (87 %), taken away to legal bodies are used worst of all are used.

Rosstat 2 notices that in a number of regions, first of all in the Chelyabinsk area and Khabarovsk territory, decrease in sales volumes of articles of food, including meat, fish, sugar, vegetable oil, sausage production, and also knitted products and footwear is fixed.