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Chapters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Germany will discuss in Berlin questions of relations Russia - EU

. Interaction of Russia and Germany in " to Group of eight " questions of relations Russia - EU, and also development of bilateral cooperation Sergey Lavrov and its German colleague Frank - Walter Shtajnmajer will discuss on Thursday in Berlin head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The official representative has informed On it in News interview the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Michael Kamynin.

the Russian and German ministers will carry on negotiations next day after a ministerial MTG in Berlin " a quartet " intermediaries on the Near-Eastern settlement, planned for Wednesday on February, 21st, were noted by him.

" Problems of global and all-European security, military - political stability, the anti-recessionary reaction, analysed in performance of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin at the Munich conference on a security policy " become on February, 10th, 2007 a core of the sated agenda of a bilateral MTG of ministers; - Kamynin has told.

At negotiations subject dialogue on a wide range of actual international questions W accent on practical preparation of a MTG of leaders " will be continued; the eights " in Hajligendamme planned for June. According to the diplomat, reference points 4 this dialogue were certain by the president of Russia and the German chancellor during the summits in Sochi on January, 21st and in Munich on February, 10th, 2007.

" Russia and Germany are focused on such substantial filling of the political and economic agenda " the eights " Which would allow to leave on the perspective decisions opening new horizons 4 multilateral cooperation first of all in questions of maintenance of global power security, counteraction to threats and stability calls, including the international terrorism and distribution to the OHM " - Kamynin has told.

In Moscow plan that in development of an exchange by opinions concerning relations Russia - the European Union, taken place in Moscow on February, 5th, 2007 W " a three " EU, at negotiations in Germany presiding in EU, will be in addition analysed a performance course " road maps " on four general spaces of interaction of Russia and EU, the representative has noted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a mode " verifications of hours " it is supposed to exchange opinions on situation development in the Near East, in Iraq, Afghanistan, on the Balkans, round nuclear problems of Iran and the Korean peninsula, the diplomat has specified.

trading - economic and cultural - humanitarian interaction ministers will discuss Questions on an example concrete, " sign " projects of cooperation within the limits of complex preparation of the ninth round Russian - the German interstate consultations top-level W participation of the key ministers, planned in Wiesbaden for autumn of 2007, Kamynin has informed.