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Lauruses: the nuclear problem of Iran needs to be solved, proceeding from IAEA estimation

France and Russia are convinced what to solve a nuclear problem of Iran it is necessary on the basis of principles of non-distribution of the nuclear weapon and leaning against opinion of experts of IAEA, head has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov after session Russian - the French Advice on safety issues.

" Both France, and Russia are convinced that in a situation assessment round Iran an overall objective should be not to admit infringement of a mode of non-distribution of the nuclear weapon " - he has told.

" Thus we should lean against a professional estimation of IAEA " - the minister has underlined.

On Wednesday expires the term given to the UN Security Council to Iran 4 a suspension of WRK on enrichment of uranium. IAEA, predictably, will present on February, 23rd the report on performance by Teheran of requirements of UNSF.