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Lauruses: Russia does not have plans to build military - sea bases in Syria

. Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has denied the information ABT ostensibly existing Russian - the Syrian agreement on creation Russian military - sea bases at the Mediterranean coast of Syria in the cities of Tartus and Latakia.

" the Russian military ships repeatedly visited the Syrian ports. So, for example, in February, 2006 calling in port of the city of Latakia of a rocket cruiser " has taken place; Moscow " - has informed Lauruses in interview to the Lebanese weekly " Al - Vatan al - Arabi " published on Wednesday.

" However ABT any Russian military - sea bases of speech does not go. And plans on expansion of military presence at Mediterranean sea, not to mention Persian gulf, at us are not present " - the Russian minister has underlined.

" We in this respect do not compete neither with the USA, nor W the NATO. We prefer to solve problems of own defensibility in those ways which 4 us are the most reliable and least zatratnymi " - the minister has noted.

In the city of Tartus (Syria) operates point matelno - technical maintenance of the Navy of Russia.