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the Olympic objects of Sochi can break records by quantity of spectators

the President of the Union of biathlonists of Russia, quadruple Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov declares that in case of victory of Sochi in struggle for a rank of the capital of the Olympic games - 2014 in Russia the record by quantity of spectators will be broken.

" Russia posesses a record by quantity of spectators which were collected by the World championship on biathlon of 1974. On the Olympic games we want to break this record and to collect 200 thousand persons " - he has told on project presentation " a ridge of Psehako " where the biathlon line will settle down in particular.

" Such complex which is planned to construct here, is not present anywhere in the world " - Tikhonov has told, having explained that the question has been asked to it from delegation the IOC about uniqueness of object.

As he said, hotel building on 800 places W service cabins is supposed.

Tikhonov has explained that while the Olympic lines here are not present, and they should be constructed. " but there the place very convenient, and problems will not be " - he has told.

the Head of the Union of biathlonists of Russia has told that last year visited South Korean Phenchhan in September. " they EVN close do not have that is in the Red Glade. There there is no such snow, as here, as height of prospective lines - 500 metres above sea level " - he has told, having added that the Russian lines are supposed to be constructed at height about 1500 metres above sea level.