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the Newest Russian fighters will depart to India

During recent visit to India of the first persons of Russia - president Vladimir Putin and at that time the Minister of Defence of Russia, and 2DAY already the first deputy of the chairman of the government   Sergey Ivanov prospects of deliveries and licence manufacture of the newest Russian fighter the Instant - 35 were discussed. This car   for the first time   has been presented abroad on   air show Aero India - 2007, and in January of this year its first public demonstration in Lukhovitsy situated near Moscow where the key industrial complex   is located has taken place; the founder of fighter RSK " the Instant ".

One of highlights the Instant - 35 - engine RD - 33 0, earlier tested for the Instant - 29 0, providing to a fighter the basic quality - supermanoeuvrability. That is, possibility of management of a draught vector on all axes in a NE direction and the most important thing on all speeds, both on limiting, and on midget - B4 200 km/ hour and, actually, - on zero. He allows to move a tail FWD, to leave   on other modes,   to usual planes inaccessible that gives the chance to it to leave in air fight from rocket attack of the opponent and simultaneously to take of a position, allowing to amaze with its rockets.

the Instant - 35 became also the first Russian fighter on which the newest radar associating with aviation technics of fifth generation is established. It BRLS " the Bug - AE " equipped with the active phased lattice (AFAR). It is necessary to notice that creation AFAR became one of the major components of the program   workings out of the Russian fighter of fifth generation. Only active phased lattices provide BRLS the maximum degree of multifunctional performance. Working simultaneously on an irradiation and reception, in parallel W performance of the cores (traditional for radars) functions, they are capable to solve problems of communication, the state identification, conducting radio-electronic investigation, statement of active hindrances and etc.

the Instant - 35 differs from the   predecessors on the new unified family of fighters (the Instant - 29, the Instant - 292) not only a radar, but also the newest optiko - electronic equipment. On its board the advanced digital management system is established also. It   can take in flight of various fighting loading of six tons as 4 an effective antagonism W the air opponent, and 4 drawing of blows on land and sea   to the purposes.

The instant - 35 is offered the Russian side in the governmental tender of Republic India for 126 multi-purpose fighters of type MMRA (Medium Multi - Role ombat Airraft -   an AVG multi-purpose warplane). As consider in " Rosoboroneksporte " to increase   chances the Instant - 35 on victory in the tender it will be doubtless to contribute   signing during WRK of the intergovernmental commission on military - to technical cooperation of the contract on licence manufacture in India of engines RD - 33 series 3. A transaction Total sum, by words   general directors " Rosoboroneksporta " Sergey Chemezova, makes nearby   300 million dollars Engines will be issued by the Indian corporation of PLAITED WHITE BREAD (Hindustan aeronoutiks limited)     with technical assistance of the Moscow machine-building enterprise of V.Tchernyshev. At the initial stage assemblage it is planned to conduct from the large sites delivered from Russia. Then manufacture of sites and units at the Indian enterprises will begin.

At corporation " the Instant " there is every chance and on expansion of deliveries to India a deck fighter the Instant - 29. As well as the Instant - 35 it is intended for a domination gain in air, maintenance of antiaircraft defence, defeat   the surface and diving purposes the usual and high-precision weapon day and night in NE weather conditions. The official presentation export vanta a fighter on which were present military - air and military - the sea attache and other employees of the Indian embassy at Moscow, has taken place on January, 22nd of this year in airdrome LII of M.Gromova in situated near Moscow Zhukovsky, it is literally on the eve of Vladimir Putin and Sergey Ivanov`s visit to India. The beginning of tests the Instant - 29 has coincided with the decision Indian   the governments to project new aircraft carriers of type Air Defene Ship (ADS), displacement - 40 thousand t. Under the Russian fighters. The first ship is planned to put into operation in 2012

According to the chief designer the Instant - 29 Nikolay Buntina, the new car   differs from previous the improved characteristics, raised reliability of units, in two W superfluous time in the lowered cost of the flight hour, increased more than twice the flight resource, the increased stock   fuel, bolshej fighting loading. And, of course, use   advanced technologies by glider manufacture (the share composit matelov in it reaches 15 %), a power-plant and the onboard equipment. By the plane there are new engines RD - 33 - " the Sea wasp ". In comparison with the previous model at them draught and till 4 thousand o`clock a resource is increased by 7 %. On the engine the digital management system is established. It is planned that new updatings of the engine will be developed together with the Indian party.

In that kind as it has been presented on presentation on January, 22nd, the Instant - 29 in the nearest 15 - 20 years will confidently save the advanced positions regarding the intellectual stuffing of a board constructed on principles of open architecture and main - modular system. It will allow to supplement EZ enough the base car regarding the onboard equipment, to modify it without necessity of revision of all complex.

assemblage of the second skilled fighter of ship basing the Instant - 29 Now comes to the end. Both cars are intended for certified tests which will last half a year. These planes are not included into number of sixteen deck fighters which should   are put 4 the Indian Naval Forces under the contract from January 2004. Further India is ready to buy 30 more " palubnikov " 4 a complete set of the aircraft carriers of own working out planned 2 construction.

it is doubtless that India still very long will remain the major partner of Russia in sphere military - technical cooperation. Thus, according to Sergey Ivanov Rossija and India pass to qualitatively new level military - technical cooperation - " from relations the seller - the buyer 2 scientifically - industrial cooperation ".

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