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Space starts under the program " Sea start " W8 this year

Starts from an ocean platform under the space program " Sea start " (" Si - Lonch ") After failure should renew already in it, 2007, to year, the assistant to the head of Russian Space Department Victor Remishevsky has informed journalists.

During " carrier rocket start; Zenith 3SL " to a communication satellite onboard January, 30th there was a supernumerary situation. The carrier rocket has blown up practically right after start, anybody from " command; Sea start " has not suffered during failure, however damages were RCVed by a sea platform " Odysseus " W which start was made.

" I have a personal opinion. This year start-up under the program " Si - Lonch " should renew. And on it the company " is adjusted; Si - Lonch " - has told zamglavy Russian Space Department.

He has informed that the emergency commission investigating the reasons of emergency start-up, for the present has not defined the exact reason of supernumerary start.

" It is at present established that emergency process has started to develop in an oxidising path of the pipeline of the engine, and here the reasons can be the most different - we consider all versions now equiprobable - up to the hit version in the engine of an extraneous subject is could be both at a transportation stage, and at an installation stage " - has noted Remishevsky.

He has specified that before the engine collected in Russia, is delivered to Ukraine, it passes fire tests.

" Then we preserve the engine, we put caps and only after that we send on the Ukrainian enterprise where on the engine branch pipes are put and is integrated W " carrier rocket; Zenith " - has told Remishevsky.

As he said, now it is important to establish, the starting platform has how much suffered.

" Under the company statement " Si - Lonch " a starting platform " Odysseus " Has RCVed insignificant damages. Now the most important thing - to CK geometry of a starting platform if has suffered only otsekatel a fire stream which is intended for softening of blow of exhausts of the rocket on an ocean surface then this damage can be eliminated directly in the port of registry of a starting platform. And it should not occupy a lot of time " - has specified Remishevsky.

the Company " Sea start " while unique in the world carries out starts from area of equator from a floating platform in Pacific ocean. At the expense of a favourable site of a point of start of the carrier rocket Zenith - 3SL companions considerably bolshej can put into orbit weights, than from the land cosmodromes located out of ekvatolnoj of a zone.