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In Russian Orthodox Church mark a tendency of growth of aggression in the Russian society

If it will be found out that the house which has burnt down one week ago of priest Dmitry Stashenko in village Sowing Cherepanovsky area of the Novosibirsk region has been set fire by malefactors, it becomes the certificate of a dangerous tendency of growth of aggression in the Russian society, consider in Moscow Patrhate.

Dom Stashenko has laid in ashes on February, 12th, however ABT an event it became known only the day before as till now the victim was not converted into militia. The priest evacuated from the burning house through a window of four children and a WF. On the conclusion of experts, the fire has occurred from - for infringements of service regulations of oven heating, however the victim assumes that the arson as, as he said, behind the house from a kitchen garden on snow there were traces of unknown people was the reason. At the same time, it did not RCV direct threats and finds it difficult to name suspects.

" In - the first, it is necessary to give thanks to God that all remained are live. And to state an estimation to an event, it is necessary to wait real data on circumstances and causes of the fire " - the head of service of communications of Department of external church communications Moscow patrhata the priest Michael Prokopenko has told News on Wednesday.

At the same time, answering the News question, he has noticed that if there will be an arson established fact this case becomes " continuation of very sad tendency ".

Prokopenko has reminded tragical incidents of this winter in the Tver archdiocese where in own house the family of priest Andrey Nikolaeva has burnt down, and in the Ekaterinburg archdiocese where in the set fire temple the body of prior Oleg Stupichkina with violent death traces was revealed.

" At us a society of the missed possibilities in which becomes more and more people nurtured by the TV. 2 their inner life the family and school were indifferent. Nobody was engaged in them - in their moral education, their soul. It also pushes 2 any extreme measures, aggression, violence, alcoholism, a narcotism, an occultism " - the representative of Russian Orthodox Church has told.

As he said, 2DAY ANY1 person IAE occupied in sphere of education of young generation, should understand that " if not to concern this question with all gravity the situation will grow like a snow clod, the society will wallow in violence and any villainy ". " And finally our life can turn to war of all against all " - the priest has concluded.