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Pension reform: a gift to the heir

the Pension system in Russia demands emergency intervention of the state. One of these days the head of working group of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP) on development of pension systems, the vice-president « NK LUKOIL » Leonid Fedun has informed that in process of reforming of pension system rupture between pension and a salary is not reduced, as was planned, and to the contrary, increases.

Seven years ago the AVG size of pension made 30 % of a salary, now 25 %, and in 2015, under forecasts, it will appear at level of 18 %. That is rupture between incomes of working people and pensioners grows QIK enough rates. Thus Russia has incurred obligations to finish so-called factor of replacement (the relation of pension to the salary) B4 the European level - 40 %. Moreover, deficiency of the Pension fund (PFR) which for today reaches 30 % grows also. According to Feduna, by 2015 deficiency of a pension fund will exceed the sizes of Stabilization fund. On the one hand, the state should raise a standard of living of citizens and the social obligations.   however, as we C, it does not occur. Pension reform in Russia was at a deadlock. Fedun considers that in a present kind the pension system conducts only 2 the guaranteed poverty.   EVN at a retirement of quite well-founded citizens.

we Will remind that the statement of head Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Michael Zurabova which has declared intention to return in some years of accumulation « became the catalyst of present splash in discussions round the Russian pension system; taciturn persons » in treasury PFR.   Speech, as it is known, goes ABT citizens who have for whatever reasons preferred to leave the pension accumulation in the state Foreign trade and investment bank (veb), instead of to entrust their private management companies (UK). It is curious that trace other offer has sounded also. Officials have shared with the public from Ministry of economic development and trade it.   there are assured that money « taciturn persons » it is necessary to divide fifty-fifty between private UK W the greatest profitableness. It is interesting that neither in the first, nor in the second case necessity to take an interest in opinion in this respect actually future pensioners, is not meant at all.

At first sight, no trouble in the voiced offers is not present. It would seem, the same money is shifted from a pocket in a pocket of the same trousers. But all not so is simple. From the very beginning of reform in 2002 all pension deductions which for workers are paid by employers within the limits of the uniform social tax, are divided into three parts: base, insurance and memory (only 14 % of incomes of the worker). Under the operating pension legislation only from 2 B4 6 % of unified social tax, depending on age of the future pensioner, the person has the right to accumulate independently, preliminary having chosen a management company, that is in any image to influence the size of the future pension. Other state takes away from workers on payment of grants to present pensioners. However hardly more two years ago at the initiative of right Ministry of health and social development to form a memory part of pension have deprived of people 1967 year of birth is more senior. Thus, officials tried to extinguish the arisen current budgeted deficit of a pension fund. And now, it turns out, possibilities will not affect the future pension and at more young men who have not pleased only to one - decisions on a management company choice till now have not made. Their deductions in a memory part of pension continue to remain on abacus veba.

Basically, possibility to save this part of the future pension in the state bank was initially provided by the legislation. Moreover, some officials in the first days of action of present system asserted that trust veb at the population much more, rather than numerous commercial UK. It was supposed, as the annual percentage gain on deductions will appear not much more below declared UK. Nevertheless, life has disposed differently. It has appeared that veb has managed to provide only 5,7 % annual. That is taking into account inflation which, for example, following the results of 2006 has made more than 9 %, pension accumulation of citizens not only have not grown, and to the contrary, have dried out. Then anybody also could not assume that veb as now it is supposed, will leave these means for a usual depositary abacus, instead of will enclose them let EVN in the most conservative papers (state promissory notes).

But also it not all. Even it became known in the autumn that the size of a budgeted deficit of the Pension fund tends to growth. In a word, in case of realisation of offers of Zurabova,   people of able-bodied age to whom B4 pension remains 20 more - 30 years of active WRK, not in a status will independently affect the future welfare and more senior citizens will get to the same hopeless situation, as well as. Naturally on this background the trust 2 pension reform spent by the government is undermined definitively. And it in pre-election year!

Meanwhile, Putin has begun the second presidential term with the statement for intention   in total for two years to cope with poverty in the country. Then did not leave? However, according to Federal Agency of the state statistics, AVG salaries in this time in Russia have grown on 23 %. That is Russians all - taki began to live more richly. Only it was not reflected in pensioners in any way. Their incomes were slowly indexed after the Russian inflation, however EVN on a jot have not come nearer to level of earnings of workers of citizens. Moreover, it was AOTS found out that at existing pension system EVN reserves are not present. She not only does not allow to raise essentially the sizes of the grant to present old men, but also cannot guarantee the worthy grant to the future pensioners.

the State has faced a dilemma. On the one hand, to cope with a growing hole in a pension pocket, it is necessary to raise tax loading urgently. W another - and W/ O that high Russian taxes do cost of labour commensurable W European. It was declared by the head of analytical management of Presidential Administration Arkadii Dvorkovich, addressing to the traditional conference spent in Moscow by company Esonomist Intelligense Unit. In its opinion, on this parametre Russia any more in a status to compete to some neighbouring countries at which the labour costs in 5 - 10 times less. And it means, inflow of money to the country can be reduced, and as consequence, not far off delay of economic growth. It is clear that for this reason on business the state has refused for a long time idea of increase in a tax press and, most likely, in foreseeable prospect 2 it will not return.  

However, in actual fact all looks not so badly. According to Feduna, the state does not need to go on a radical way. In RSPP consider that is necessary to think of introduction of additional pension insurance, certainly, at will of the worker. Say, such system already operates in a number of the oil companies when voluntary deductions of the worker on formation of a memory part of pension it is in addition stimulated with the employer. That is the state should pass care of own old age completely to a payoff to the separate person and its employer. The state will reserve payment of grants only to those people who could not save up independently during active labour activity to itself for an old age. Certainly, similar payments of the general have no anything W provision of pensions (actually usual parish-relief), and should not be paid from the pension fund budget. It is care of the state.

It is necessary to tell, in this offer there is nothing new. Such idea was already voiced by earlier some deputies of the State Duma more two years ago. However it was necessary to refuse it. The matter is that, realising it in scales of all country, the state actually increases the size of surtax at once by two and more percent. That is translates this kind of obligatory deductions from the smallest in the world in the category of the greatest. Not the most popular initiative. Nevertheless, it, in one of the vantov, seemingly, becomes most compromise of all. Besides its realisation opens possibility of the next coil of decrease in taxes 4 business, businessmen more recently SPK about desirability of that at a MTG with the president.

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