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VAT Decrease auknetsja in our purses

According to the law of preservation of a matter, nothing undertakes anywhere and does not disappear anywhere. It is especially obvious in so matelnyh spheres, as the finance and the state budget. If, for example, the enterprises and businessmen reduce the size of deductions in the state budget or taxes attempts of less well-founded citizens to RCV pension and grants from the same budget can appear vain cease to pay. Even worse, if « to solve a problem » offer at the expense of increase of taxes 4 state employees and exempts.

it is equal so now occurs in a context of fights round possible decrease in the rate of the VAT. The tax which has brought in last year more of 30 % of incomes of the budget, now, from EZ hand RSPP, it is offered to lower not simply, but to lower cardinally (W 18 to 10 %).   Or it is better - and at all to cancel that, having replaced with the tax from the sales which collecting while, oh, as is far from an ideal. Resting on this unprecedented economic growth, so, first of all, 2 growth of the large domestic companies! And how to be what the budget will lose third of receipts? To the same minfinovskim to officials, only a bit later, will give « instructions » to close a gap at the expense of other sources. Only - where them to take?

the Most important thing in all it is the question price. If to go now on considerable decrease in the rate of the VAT essential shortage is formed. For example, by estimates of the economist of the company « Uralsib » Vladimir Tikhomirov, at its decrease to 12 % the treasury can miss about 1 bln. roubles. A bit more modestly in the calculations the economist of bank « the Trust » Evgenie Nadorshin considering that as a result of decrease in the VAT to 10 % as that was asked persistently from the president of Russia by head RSPP Alexander Shokhin, in the budget there would be a tear in size over 600 billion roubles. Momentary decrease in the VAT to 15 % in turn will lead to budget losses in the sum of an order of 357 billion roubles.

Alexey Kudrin is already urged to act in a role of the equilibrist. Having declared readiness of department to lower the rate of the tax W 18 B4 15 %, he has suggested to raise simultaneously W it the tax to mining operations (NDPI). This offer quite keeps within logic of things wherefore at the heart of the equilibrist, in this case financial, art of preservation of balance in various conditions lies. And they are that 2DAY that W/ O this art execution of budgetary obligations can appear in doubt. And here EVN the safety safety belt in the form of Stabilization fund will not rescue from inevitable falling.

on whose shoulders can lay down « weighted » NDPI it is not clear only at first sight. Level of the taxation of oil branch is already limiting, therefore remain gazoviki, theoretically having safety factor - these rates 4 them more low, than 4 oil industry workers. But « Gazprom » sending additional profit on realisation of the program of gasification of the Russian regions, it will appear in rather uneasy

Than Alexey Kudrin`s balancing will end, becomes, possibly, it is known in the beginning of March, when calculations of the Ministry of Finance on « indemnifications » offered RSPP VAT decrease will be considered by the government. Meanwhile, the head of financial department has already dared at a public step of despair, having declared possible introduction of the tax to the real estate, which phantom walking throughout several years in the corridors of power, owing to danger of sharp reduction of tax revenues from the VAT starts to find distinct outlines. Than the innovation 4 owners of apartments, naslyshan, perhaps, ANY1 Russian as about the tax SPK for a long time already is fraught. For example, for one-room apartment in Moscow its owners should spread in a year about one thousand dollars, and the rate of the tax to three-room apartment the area 70 « squares » can and exceed 3 thousand standard units at all.

it is curious that introduction in this or that form of the market tax to real estate was planned not earlier than 2010 when as it was SPK, incomes of Russians will grow B4 adequate sizes. Even in the spring last year the deputy director of one of departments of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Ivaneev has explained that two - three years this tax is not planned to enter into the nearest. But then still speech did not go and ABT landslide decrease in the rate of the VAT. Roughly SPK, it turns out that for economic growth of the large companies the most well-founded citizens citizens will be urged to pay not.

it is obvious that Medvedev as the first vitse - the prime minister who are responsible for national projects, neither Fradkov as the head of the government, nor Kudrin who intentionally has taken out this question for public discussion will not go on not simply unpopular, but simply unacceptable « latanie budgetary holes » at the expense of simple citizens. Perhaps more logical will be, if large business suffers still pair - a three of years while the state, having carried out of the minimum obligations B4