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Luzhkov suggests to pay extra to the Muscovites buying small cars

. The mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov suggests to pay extra on one thousand dollars to ANY1 Muscovite who has bought the midget car.

" I am ready to ANY1 Muscovite who has bought the small car, to add on one thousand dollars " - the mayor on Thursday at session of the expanded board of department of wildlife management and city preservation of the environment has told.

According to the capital town governor, it is necessary to stimulate at the state level citizens 2 purchase of small-sized cars.

Luzhkov considers that 4 owners of small cars it would be possible to establish and a number of other privileges, for example, " to cancel 4 them the transport tax and free of charge to give places on paid parkings.

the Mayor of Moscow has noticed that along with stimulation of acquisition of small-sized cars it is necessary to think over a number of measures to interest people in acquisition of electromobiles and cars W the hybrid engines using traditional kinds of fuel and the electric motor.

" Leonid Arnoldovich, bring these initiatives in the city government and the Moscow municipal duma " - Luzhkov has concluded, having converted 2 the head of department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment to Leonid Bochinu.

the Problem of transport stoppers has got 4 capital region recently a special urgency from - that rates of development of a network of highways is not in time behind growth of number of cars. The Moscow authorities assign a fault part to the townsmen preferring large-sized cars who frequently complicate and W/ O that intense automobile movement in capital.