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the Demand of Sochi - 2014 completely considers all requirements paralimpijtsev

. The first vice-president of Paralimpijsky committee of Russia (PKR) Paul Rozhkov on a press - conferences on Friday has declared that the demand of Sochi for carrying out of the winter Olympic Games of 2014 completely considers all requirements paralimpijtsev.

" To the full all questions paralimpijtsev were not mentioned never " - has told Small horns, having added, what EVN the Moscow demand of 2012 did not correspond to all requirements paralimpijskogo sports.

According to Rozhkova, the organising committee on preparation for Sochi - 2014 includes representatives PKR. " W Application committee of Sochi - 2014 we work on the whole block of questions " - he has concluded.

Besides Sochi the Austrian Salzburg and Korean Phenchhan apply for the right to accept the winter Olympic Games - 2014 2. The capital of these games will be declared in the beginning of July at regular session the IOC which will pass in Guatemala.