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Yushchenko wants to create in Ukraine a museum " the Soviet occupation "

. Victor Yushchenko has declared intention to create in Ukraine a museum similar to a museum of the Soviet occupation in Tbilisi.

" It is not 4gotten page of history 4 Ukraine, but it is conceived inadequately 2DAY not only in memory, but also a state policy. To us, certainly, it is necessary to accept a vow and to make it in Ukraine " - Yushchenko after joint W the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili of visitation of a museum of occupation has told.

Yushchenko considers that in Ukraine there will be opponents of opening of a similar museum.

" It will be not EZ. I understand, how much certain forces will rage, but their mission never was to minister to the nation. But for the sake of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, for the sake of grandsons it is necessary to do it " - has declared Yushchenko.

the Museum of the Soviet occupation in Tbilisi - already the third on the post-Soviet territory. Others two are created in Baltic.