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Muscovites have acquainted with culture sefardov

For the first time for three years of WRK the project « Eshkol » whose problem is the story « to intellectual Moscow public ABT modern Israeli and Jewish culture » has devoted all MTH to one subject.

  « At us was sefardsky February » - has told « News » one of project heads of Linor Goralik.

Sefardy - so initially named the Spanish Jews. Now this concept unites all representatives east and parts of the European Jewry, whose ancestors have been expelled from Spain in XV century.

According to Goralik, the decision to devote sefardskoj to culture the whole MTH instead of to carry out isolated actions within a year EZ explainably. « If ABT culture of the European Jews (ashkenazi) and on a broader scale to the Israeli culture in Russia have more - less general idea ABT sefardah do not know practically anything. And we have decided to give a complete picture 4 public » - it explains.

ANY1 who faces W sefardskoj culture, opens 4 itself(himself) the novel, fascinating and bright world. It is not habitual for Russians as a whole and 4 the Russian Jews in particular, after all so is not similar to the familiar world of the European Jewry. Here all other - melodika songs, kitchen, clothes,   language - not Yiddish, and Ladino ABT which almost anybody from Russians did not hear. But OTOH, in Russia, whose soul is broken off between the West and the East, the culture sefardov can be accepted public.  

« When we tell about modern Israeli culture, ABT culture ashkenazskoj to us to have to struggle with stamps,   taken roots in mass consciousness. ABT culture sefardov we, on the contrary, begin the story with a blank leaf. And we think that interest to it   it is high, at least, it will seems to us that sefardsky February has gone right » - SPK Goralik.

Muscovites could look some the Israeli films where Jews were protagonists sefardskie, to participate in children`s morning performance. To children read sefardskie fairy tales, played W them in sefardskie games and treated them sefardskimi with sweets. Has finished morning performance performance « Joha at anything! » which on motives sefardskih fairy tales have put specially 4 the project « Eshkol » young Moscow actors.

And thematic MTH W « has begun; Sefardsky night » In which course the teacher of stand iudaiki ISAA and the CTR iudaiki RGGU Galina Zelenin has told the Moscow State University gathered who such sefardy, about their history, traditions, language. And then all have treated sefardskoj with traditional meal and coffee W anisic fruit liqueur. Evening has come to the end with group performance « Lamp Ladino » , executing sefardsky repertoire in own arrangements, in the most different styles from a jazz B4 a reggae.

Group « Lamp Ladino »   has been created some years ago by the Moscow pianist and organist Grigory Sandomirsky.     He has told   News that has faced for the first time Ladino language, having heard music   from album ZOHAR « KETER » the vanguard pianist Uriah Kejna (Uri Kane) and the Canadian cantor of Aaron Bensussana (Aaron Bensoussan). « They executed Quando El Rey Nimrod and the strong impression both music, and language have made upon me - and I began to search for other records, and is simple in them have fallen in love. I like sounding of language, a melody of songs, their singularity, any special atmosphere » - he has told.

« the Lamp » is a fountain of emotions and at their concerts it is usually difficult to be kept to starting to dance. Children do not know Ladino, but their singer Svetlana Svirina studied the Spanish language, and she does transfers of songs. In a case if itself does not consult, she is converted behind the help into Cervantes Institute.

also Anna Hoffmann Similarly arrives, whose trio has finished the program « Sefardsky February » in Moscow. They 2 execute romances in Ladino language, however unlike « Lamps » try to sing in a traditional manner.

« Though also we do not aspire to be completely autotentichnymi, it is very difficult for making, as music sefardov differs depending on region where they lived. We take from all gradually, we try to find the approach, we think out scenic suits, images » - Hoffmann SPK.

ABT Anna Hoffmann the Russian journalists write: « It looks so as if has descended from cloths El Greco » and still it reminds antiquated heroines. Numbers of its trio are small performances, passionate and lyrical.

the Trio, by words Hoffmann, has arisen casually. « AAM long time I was engaged absolutely in another - design on interiors, the Indian classical dance, then have started to study the European classical vocal, and then notes have casually got to hands sefardskih melodies, and I have understood that it is my repertoire » - she tells.

Debut has taken place in February, 2006 in India where long time lived Anna. Now a trio, as well as   « Lamp Ladino »   acts in the Moscow clubs. Public here different, but both groups had constant admirers. Both those, and others dream to let out the first disk.

Anna Hoffmann hopes that at sefardskoj   music, as well as at NE other Gud music in Russia are prospect. From its part Grigory Sandomirsky believes that already now it is possible to SPK about certain interest to this direction, and not in the Jewish environment which, in its opinion, is too focused on the inner life, and among Russians as a whole.

However, time will show. At least, at those, has not had time to get acquainted W sefardskoj culture in February, such chance still will be. Trio concerts « Annas Hoffmann » and   « Lamps Ladino »   in Moscow not a rarity, and the project « Eshkol » continues to carry out the actions, among which both new films, and new culinary the master - classes, including telling and ABT traditions sefardov.

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