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the Tragedy W the crane in Petersburg has called a wave of checks

. The first stage of check kranovogo economy of Petersburg which has been begun after state of emergency on the Cane city street, will end on March, 12th. Ekaterina Miresheva has informed on it at meeting concerning operation of load-lifting cranes and interaction working off on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations on Friday the representative gorprokuratury.

number 2 in Cane street has fallen on February, 27th To an apartment house the building crane. Three persons, including the juvenile child as a result were lost, three have got wounds. On the given fact the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges under article 216 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules at conducting civil work).

" that is engaged in cranes gorprokuratura, is should be a signal 4 all supervising bodies that they do not cope with a problem. Lacks of their WRK are obvious. The first accounting period on check comes to an end on March, 12th, then we will start check of supervising bodies, first of all it will be Rostehnadzor " - she has declared.

In turn, zamrukovoditelja Rostehnadzora on Severo - to the Western federal district Victor Stebunov has told that in spite of the fact that investigation of state of emergency in Cane street still proceeds, according to preliminary data, it is possible to tell that " auto disconnect of a drive of a tower crane has not been provided at the approach by the end kranovogo ways " 2 " a deadlock emphasis " has not been fixed;.

Stebunov has informed 2 that 17 building objects, including 38 cranes have been the day before CKed, one infringement is as a result revealed, 11 officials are involved in administrative responsibility.

As the chief of sector on mobilisation preparation of Committee on building of Petersburg Alexander Nehoroshev has declared at meeting, the status kranovogo city economy calls concern committee. As he said, it is connected by that at many city cranes operation term exceeds 20 years.

" There is an offer of Rostehnadzoru to reveal the organisations where it is not enough cranes, and term of operation big. If there are infringements to influence them by means of lacks of distribution of permissions to operation " - Nehoroshev has told.

As he said, checks show that in many building organisations only formally passes personnel instructing, insufficient control over manufacture of WRK is carried out, there are no lists of crane operators ABT instructing passage, W them contracts are not concluded.