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In Spain neo-Nazis

are arrested. In Spain seven neo-Nazis intimidating black immigrants through the Internet are arrested, the representative of National police of Spain (NPI) has informed on Friday.

" our employees have detained in Barcelona seven neo-Nazis on charge in threats to immigrants, in attempt at human rights, membership in illegal grouping, illegal storage of the weapon and ammunition " - representative NPI has declared News.

As he said, " the group of neo-Nazis operated in capital of Catalonia since 2005 and young men entered into it at the age from 19 till 22 years which were engaged in distribution of the ideas through the Internet ".

" On page on the Internet members of group openly threatened with punishment by all " to non-Europeans " in Spain, called for violence in relation to black immigrants " - the policeman has told.

He has noticed that members of group were engaged in manufacturing and sale of nazi symbolics and the literature propagandising racial hatred and ideas natsional - a socialism.

" At a search 26 units of fire-arms are withdrawn from arrested persons and four thousand cartridges, a nazi uniform, flags and bandages with a swastika, and also five computers " - the interlocutor of agency has underlined.

In 2005 2 in Barcelona has been opened large the organisations of the neo-Nazis, connected with adherents in other European countries and the USA. Immigrants from Latin America were object of an attack of members of group.