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Turkey became a corridor 4 transit of drugs to Europe - Gosdep of the USA

. Turkey has turned to the main transit country on contraband of drugs from Jugo - east Asia to Europe, is SPK in the annual report of US State department devoted to the analysis of a situation in the world on control over spread of drug addiction.

" Turkey is used by the international smugglers 4 transportation on cocaine commodity markets, morfina, heroin and other drugs. Their considerable part arrives to Turkey from Afghanistan and Iran, and then is transported to the Western Europe " - it is marked in the document which on Friday is quoted by a broadcasting company ˝NN - Turk.

last year a safety force of Turkey as a result of successfully spent operations has withdrawn more than ten tons of heroin, 440 kgs of hashish, 529 kgs morfina, 23 thousand 884 kgs of marihuana, 19 million 971 thousand narcotic tablets " kaptagon " 2 million 492 thousand tablets " ekstazi " it is SPK in the US State department report.

" It is supposed that monthly through Turkey heroin tons " are illegally taken; - authors of the report consider.