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In business ABT events in Kondopoga there can be new figurants

. Head Republic Kareliya Sergej Katanandov does not exclude that during the investigation of the criminal cases raised following the results of kondopozhskih of events, there can be new figurants.

Mass riots have occurred in Kondopoga in the beginning of September, 2006 after murder of local residents. Of this crime suspect natives from caucasus. On September, 2nd after spontaneous meeting on a city the wave of the FU accompanied by marauding has swept.

" Now the Office of Public Prosecutor investigates militia actions, there can be still figurants, the higher militian ranks " can be involved; - Katanandov Novosti has told.

He has noticed that the measure of responsibility of the law enforcement officers who were responsible for a situation in Kondopoga in September of last year can be during the investigation raised.

" I do not exclude that can raise responsibility if it is required " - Katanandov has told.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Kareliya has brought earlier accusation in a negligence to the operative person on duty Kondopozhsky GOVD, not provided suppression of the conflict at restaurant " the Seagull ". As have informed News in Office of Public Prosecutor of Kareliya, accusation in a negligence (a part of 3 articles 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) is brought to the major of militia Alexey Kostin. This article provides punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term up to seven years.

On the night of August, 30th of last year Kostin was the senior of change on duty Kondopozhsky GOVD.

" it is accused by Investigation agencies bodies that has not registered the information which has arrived 2 it on the mass conflict at restaurant " the Seagull " has not organised check of the given information and WRK on a scene of the police squads which were in its operative submission on duty, and also has not reported on incident on a management " - it is marked in a MSG.

Besides, according to the Office of Public Prosecutor, accused has not instructed police squads on duty to be convinced of the termination of illegal actions and has allowed to leave it a conflict place.

In Office of Public Prosecutor consider that from - for negligent attitude of the police officer to execution of the functions " conditions 4 unobstructed continuation before the arisen conflict at restaurant " have been created; the Seagull ".