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Bilalov: ABM placing in Ukraine and caucasus will cast region into crisis

Involving of Ukraine and the countries of the Caucasian region in plans on creation and placing of elements of the American system of the ABM can lead to the next internal political crisis in these states, the first vice-president of the Duma committee on affairs of the CIS and to communications with compatriots Ahmed Bilalov believes.

In News interview on Friday he has noticed that in this sense the scandal which has burst in last year in Crimea, and the followed protest actions against Ukrainian - the American military doctrines is indicative.

" the Example of Ukraine convincingly shows that 2DAY in a society there is a polar mood concerning cooperation with the NATO " - the member of parliament marks.

Acceleration of decisions of this question, despite of absence of the consolidated opinion of weights and obvious unavailability of the majority to support the similar initiative, will lead only to an aggravation of a situation in these countries or EVN the whole region.

" Certainly, such state of affairs will not help the USA, and opposite, will create additional problems and will make the American system of security of more vulnerable " - Bilalov marks.

Earlier the assistant to the US State Secretary concerning non-distribution and the international security John Rud has included Ukraine in the list of those countries which will be IAE connected with WRK on ABM creation.

also possibility of placing of the American ABM and in the Caucasian region Besides, is not excluded.