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In the Council of Europe are anxious by infringements of the maintenance of prisoners in the Chechen Republic

. In the Council of Europe which delegation has visited one of these days the Chechen Republic, co-ordinate infringements of the maintenance of prisoners in republic to a problem of shortage of judges.

" I believe that this problem is connected actually with chronic shortage of judges " - has told on a press - conferences in Moscow the Commissioner of the Council of Europe under human rights Thomas Hammarberg, sharing impressions ABT last visit to the Chechen Republic.

He has noticed that now in republic sushchestujut two problems: the uninvestigated affairs connected with kidnapping, and also cruel treatment of prisoners.

SPK about the second problem, the commissioner has told: " When I visited a pre-trial detention centre in Grozny, prisoners complained to me not of maintenance conditions, and complained of methods of carrying out of interrogations ".

" I expect the possible objections connected by that prisoners will always complain of inspectors, but I possess sufficient experience to C a side there where SPK a lie " - has declared Hammarberg.

the Commissioner has declared necessity carefully to CK carrying out of investigatory actions at all stages - from detention B4 the conclusion.