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the School in the Enterprise looks so, " as though on it have dumped a bomb "

As a result of a series of the hurricanes which have been carried by on states of the South and the Midwest by the USA on Thursday, under the specified data, 17 persons were lost at least, Rejter reports.

Five persons became victims of a collapse of a building of college in a city the Enterprise (State of Alabama), informs Department of emergency situations of staff.

" the City the Enterprise has suffered the largest and scale damage " - the governor of staff has declared the Bean the District leah.

" the Building has literally failed on all. Some persons have appeared under fragments " - the broadcasting company of Si - En - En quotes words of the eyewitness of tragedy of schoolboy Chejsa Baldwin.

According to the correspondent of local edition Enterprise Ledger of Laren Ollgud, the school looks so, " as though on it have dumped a bomb ". All school buses are Besides destroyed.

According to Ollgud, B4 ward of a tornado, an order of 20 thousand townspeople of Enterprajsa have been warned ABT approaching elements.

In a city state of emergency is declared, 4 carrying out saving and a recovery work 100 national guardsmen are involved in city boundaries. According to the governor, rescuers have not stopped WRK and W darkness approach.

the National guards have at the order three cargo helicopters ˝H - 47 ˝hinook and special engineering division 4 conducting poiskovo - salvage operations under blockages. Besides from Fort Raker in Enterprajs in area of the fallen school, two saving helicopters UH - 1 " have been sent; Huey ".

In releases of telenews showed shots on which two helicopters of rescuers sit down on a football ground near to college ruins, on a place there was a considerable number of carriages " first aid ". Around - the tumbled down trees and the turned cars. Among victims in college - at least, one teacher.

Si - En - En referring to eyewitnesses informs that victims of hurricane of a steel and two schoolgirls of younger school age.

In a city and in adjoining territory mobile communication does not work, supply of electricity is interrupted.

Physicians have examined more than 50 persons, mainly, W lacerations and crises.

In Georgia the strongest loss from hurricanes have incurred jugo - the western areas of staff. According to local rescuers, nine persons became victims of elements, two from them were lost in hospital territory in the city of Amerikus, the number of victims is established.

In area Samter hurricane, according to preliminary data, has put out of action all carriages " first aid " and cars of rescuers.

In the city of Kolfild (State of Missouri) the girl was lost. Six houses are destroyed, two gas stations are seriously hurt.

the White house has made the statement in which it is SPK that US president George Bush brings to governors of states Alabama and Missouri condolences and shows readiness to render the all-round help in liquidation of consequences of elements.

In Chicago from - for winds of destructive force have been cancelled more than 400 flights at the International airport O and #39; Hare.

" Now storm preventions remain 4 a number of areas of Alabama and Georgia " - the representative of Meteorological bureau in Texas has declared.