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on March, 3rd

the Feast is spent annually on March, 3rd and has one more name - Festival of dolls. The small doll on - japonski is called « cinchona » a feast - « matsuri ». From here one more Japanese name of the Feast of girls, or Festival of dolls, - « Cinchona matsuri ». In a basis « Cinchona matsuri » various traditions lie some. One of them ascends by an epoch of Hejan (794 - 1185): this day in notable families invited exorcists who made special molebny, directed on that all misfortunes of people have passed on paper dolls which then let to float on the river or on the sea. These dolls named « nagsi - a bin » - the dolls lowered on the river. Originally the feast was marked only at court and among military estate, but soon has QIK extended and in the people. National the Festival of dolls became in a XVIII-th century then the custom was added to arrange in houses,

176 years ago (1831) George PULLMAN, the American inventor, the founder of the well-known sleepers

Prototypes of sleepers was born have appeared on the Pensilvansky railway in the USA in 1836. In them three-storied regiments have been arranged, and to passengers straw mattresses stood out. Bed-clothes and pillows were not provided. In the middle of 1860 - h years the young engineer and businessman George Mortimer Pullman has decided that passengers should travel comfortably. In 1867 at factories Pullmana in the USA cars in which there were soft seats have been constructed. For the night they turned to berths. Berths settled down along the car and were divided by cross-section soft walls established for the night. The top regiments went down from a ceiling on chains. Soon George Pullman has made one more small revolution - has included a dining-car in structure of a train. Till this time railwaymen had to detain long distant trains at large stations and

160 years ago (1847) Alexander Grejam BELL, one of inventors of TEL

Alexander Grejam Bell was born was born in capital of Scotland Edinburgh. Has RCVed the diploma of the doctor - the physiologist in the London university college. In 1871 Bell`s family has emigrated to the USA where it has based school 4 deaf children. The school soon became a part of the Boston university, and Bell - the professor of physiology at this university. 2 creation of TEL he was pushed by WRK W deaf children. The first attempt of creation of TEL was made by German physicist Phillip Rejs who in 1861 has invented the device transmitting musical sounds. Grejam Bell has formulated the basic ideas of construction of TEL in 1876 and on February, 14th this year has taken out the patent for the invention - the electric telephone set which sounding human

76 years ago (1931) US president Herbert Hoover precisely enough reproduced has signed the certificate which has confirmed a song « the banner Covered with stars » the National anthem of the USA

In 1814 the United States of America were the ally of Napoleonic France and once again wared against the former mother country - Great Britain. On September, 12th the British fleet has begun attack of a fort of Makgenri, last strengthening of Americans to approaches 2 Baltimore. Superior forces of English fleet long fired at a fort of Makgenri, however heroic defenders of a fort and have not lowered zvezdno - a striped American flag. Lawyer Frensis Scott Ki has tried to release the friend detained by Englishmen, but itself has been arrested. Night it has spent by the ship of Englishmen and observed of fort bombardment. When there has come a dawn, Frensis Ki W amazement has C fluttering over the crushed strengthenings zvezdno - a striped flag. It so has amazed it that this very day he has composed verses « The Star - Spangled Banner »

146 years ago (1861) ALEXANDER II has cancelled the serfdom in Russia, having published the Manifesto on clearing of peasants

in Nikolay I board has been collected big preparatory matel on carrying out of country reform. The serfdom in Nikolay I board remains firm, but in the decision of a country question considerable experience against which his son Alexander II,   further could lean has been stored; come to the throne on March, 4th, 1855. Alexander Nikolaevich has been animated by the most sincere intention to make all 4 elimination of lacks of Russian life. He considered as the main lack the serfdom. By this time the idea of cancellation of the serfdom was widely adopted in « tops »: the government, among officials, nobility, intelligency.

87 years ago (1920) in Moscow in Nikitsky parkway the press House has opened, now - the Central house of the journalist

the Capital House of the press has taken place on a palace place - manors of princes of Gagarinyh from which after a fire of 1812 the wing was saved. Repeatedly reconstructed, it is known 2DAY as the Central house of the journalist. In the beginning of a XIX-th century the private residence belonged to A. M.ShCherbinoj, the daughter of princess E. R.Dashkovoj, the first president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 1836 the private residence takes over countesses Golovkinoj. In 1872 the house on Nikitsky gets one of the largest representatives of the Russian merchant class A.N.Pribylov. Last owners - Alexander Semenovich and Sofia Alekseevna Makeevy - lived in one of apartments of the former house already after revolution. In 1920 under A. V.Lunacharsky`s order the private residence is given journalists. On March, 3rd, 1920 « News » publish the information: « 2DAY at 7 o`clock in the evening the press House » opens;.   W

26 years ago (1981) Oleg Ivanovich the DISTANCE has died, the actor of theatre and cinema

Oleg Dal was born on May, 25th, 1941 in the city of Ljublino which then was suburb of Moscow. After the termination of Theatrical school of a name of Schepkin in 1963 the Distance has been invited in theatre « the Contemporary » where within five years played only supporting roles. The first considerable role at theatre - Vaski of Ashes in the play « At the bottom » M.Gorkogo. In the middle of 1973 in « the Contemporary » has played roles of Balalajkina in performance « Balalajkin and 2 » Gusev in the play « Valentine and Valentine » Kamayev in « Provincial jokes ». In March, 1976 it have dismissed from theatre for regular infringements of labour discipline. In 1976 the Distance has come in rukovodimyj