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session of the higher political advisory body of the Peoples Republic of China

In Beijing on Saturday Opens the fifth session of Vsekitajsky committee of the National political advisory council of China (NPKSK) - the higher political advisory body of the country opens.

Session NPKSK traditionally anticipates session of Vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (the country highest legislative body). Members NPKSK W the right of a deliberative vote have the right to be present and at sessions VSNP.

As has informed the day before on a press - conferences the official representative of session NPKSK At Tszjanmin (Wu Jianmin), present session will last the little longer, than usually - not 10, but 12 days.

In the agenda of sessions - performance of the chairman of VK NPKSK Tszja Tsinlinja W the report on the done WRK and its discussion, the report on results of consideration of the offers brought for the past year, discussion of bills of the property and the taxation of the companies.

Delegates 2 will listen and will discuss reports on WRK of the Sovereign national court and the Sovereign national Office of Public Prosecutor of the Peoples Republic of China.

As have informed News in a press - the session CTR, within the limits of WRK NPKSK delegates will gather as for plenary MTGs, and sessions on groups in priority directions of development of the country. Following the results of these expert sessions the separate communique will be prepared.

At Tszjanmin has added that in the CTR of ATTN of delegates NPKSK on present " extremely important session " there are such subjects, as building of new socialist village and agriculture development, questions of a demographic policy.

At Tszjanmin has informed that by March, 2nd in sekretat sessions 324 offers and 332 demands for performances have already arrived. As he said, delegates, mainly, assume to act concerning working out of the plan 11 - j five-years periods.

On an official explanation, NPKSK is body of multi-party cooperation and the political consultations, operating under the direction of Communist Party of China. Its structure includes representatives of eight democratic parties of China recognising a management by a handheld computer, non-party representatives of the public (scientific, cultural and other circles), representatives of compatriots from Taiwan, Siangan and Aomenja, representatives of national minorities of the Peoples Republic of China.

As the representative of national minority " Russian " delegate NPKSK is the citizen of the Peoples Republic of China Nikolay Lunev living in Or - the Kazakh autonomous region Sintszjan - Uigur independent area.