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Mahmud Ahmadinezhad arrives W official visit to Saudi Arabia

the President of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad on Saturday arrives W one-day official visit to Saudi Arabia.

As has informed the Iranian official news agency IRNA, during visit the chief executive of Iran will discuss to Ayr - Rijade with the Saudi king Abdalloj ibn Abdel Aziz conditions in region and actual international problems.

" During MTGs with a management of Saudi Arabia of the basic subjects of negotiations become discussion of important changes in region and in the Islamic world, development of two-way communications " - the ambassador of Islamic Republic in Saudi Arabia Sejed Mohammad Hossejni has twisted on Friday IRNA.

He has characterised relations of two countries as " positive ". " Rapprochement of sights of Iran and Saudi Arabia - two powerful Islamic states in region - can play an effective role in the Islamic world and in region of the Near East " - the ambassador has told.

On a trip of Ahmadinezhada the representative delegation which includes also head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Manuchehr Mottaki will accompany.

As has informed before the Saudi newspaper " Al - Vatan " the high-ranking source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, " Teheran takes measures for revival of WRK of the High council on communications of Iran with the Arabian Gulf States ". With that end in view the president of Islamic republic Iran " will make a trip to Saudi Arabia and a number of the countries of region ". He has noticed that Mahmud Ahmadinezhad " has feeling of deep friendship to king Abdalle ".

the Iranian ambassador in Saudi Arabia named relations between Iran and Kingdom Saudi Arabia " positive " Has estimated present volume of bilateral trade in $500 million and has supported the further strengthening of economic cooperation.

In territory of Saudi Arabia 23 Iranian companies work. The Saudi capital is invested in manufacture of soft drinks and spare parts 4 cars, and also in the cement industry in Iran.