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In Japan will celebrate Day of girls

On Saturday in Japan celebrate a feast Cinchona - matsuri or Day of girls. Him traditionally meet on March, 3rd, which else it is considered day of peaches from - that at this time already peach trees with might and main blossom, and this day wish girls of good luck and health.

this day in houses where there are girls, necessarily expose special dolls in traditional clothes. Them set on the pyramid covered with a red fabric at which ANY1 step characters settle down according to " a rank ".

the emperor and the empress Crown a pyramid. Usually it is the most expensive and elegant dolls. At following steps expose figures of court ladies, musicians, ministers and other inhabitants of an imperial court yard. Tiny furniture, fans, swords and other subjects of a life at the very bottom settle down.

Such pyramids put not only in houses. For two - three weeks B4 the feast on all country open exhibitions of dolls where pyramids from hundreds figures are built, sometimes their number exceeds one thousand. Almost all shops too decorate the show-windows dolls.

the Premise decorate with flowers a peach tree, not necessarily present, and 2 a ceiling suspend spheres from artificial petals of a cherry and mandarinovogo a tree.

It is considered that dolls cannot be held long on a kind that it has not kept away a marriage of the girl. Therefore, as soon as the feast comes to the end, them hide till next year.

In ANY1 area and a city of Japan there are features of commemorating of Day of girls. For example, in the city of Jatomi which is known for that there plant goldfishes, the same day have decided to have a feast devoted by last. Therefore at exhibitions aquariums W golden inhabitants adjoin to dolls, and townsmen this day quite often give each other small fishes.

the tradition with which this feast has begun Was saved also. When - that W heat approach in the third day of the third MTH Japanese did paper dolls and started up them on the river that together with them water has carried away all troubles and illnesses. B4 March, 3rd and in a feast many girls do elegant dolls of a multi-coloured paper, attach to them a piece of paper W the desire written on it and give them on will of a current of the rivers.

In a holiday on cities of Japan pass the parades which participants put on, like the LUVed dolls.