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the Party of Regions will not betray allies on a coalition - Alexander Stojan

the Party of Regions does not intend to betray the allies on a coalition, the People`s Deputy of Ukraine, a member of fraction of Party of Regions Alexander Stojan has declared. The representative has informed On it on Friday a press - services of Party of Regions.

" I regard statements of some journalists and political scientists which advise Party of Regions to throw the allies, as attempt to split a coalition " - has declared Stojan.

" the Coalition is created, it normally works, there is a mutual understanding, you C, how we pass laws. When there is a question on elections then we will be already defined W allies. And 2DAY EVN no thought such we have, that someone to throw " - he has told.

According to the deputy, it is political technologies, and not one coalition thus has been destroyed. Stojan 2 has noticed that the position of Party of Regions concerning preschedule parliamentary elections remains former.

" We are consecutive in the position, we consider that the bases 4 early election are not present. And yet there will be no decision of the Constitutional court concerning constitutionality of two decrees of the president, we will not accept participation in election campaign " - Stojan has told, having added, what exactly representatives of the party therefore to election committees have not been directed.

At the same time, as he said, if the decree ABT parliament dissolution will be recognised by constitutional, the Party of Regions will start to prepare for elections.

" We have accepted very serious decision ABT simultaneous presidential elections and parliament and we will prepare for it " - has declared Stojan.