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Yushchenko has agreed W Yanukovych about early election

the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has declared that has agreed W the prime minister of Ukraine, the party leader Regionov Victor Yanukovych about carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections. Yushchenko has declared it upon termination of a MTG with Yanukovych in Kiev.

Political crisis in Ukraine has burst after the president has signed on April, 2nd the decree ABT dissolution of the Supreme Rada and purpose of extraordinary elections for May, 27th. Then the second decree ABT dissolution of parliament and purpose of early election, but any more for May, 27th, and for June, 24th has been signed. The president of Ukraine motivated necessity of the preschedule termination of powers of the Supreme Rada with that transition on March, 23rd 11 deputies from opposition in the progovernmental coalition break the constitution.

Deputies from a coalition have considered the decree unconstitutional and have declared that will take part in selective process only in the event that the Constitutional court recognises legality of dissolution carrying out of early election Are glad also. KS the decision on this business yet has not accepted. The president and the prime minister from the beginning of April conduct consultations concerning an exit of the country from political crisis.