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Rice was not possible to meet head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran in Charm - an ale - the Sheikh

. US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice has declared, " that possibility " was not presented to it; to meet head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Manuchehrom Mottaki within the limits of the international conference on a situation in Iraq in Charm - ash - the Sheikh.

" and to the Iranian minister possibility to hold a MTG was not presented To me, however our representatives have exchanged opinions as a matter of fact this conference - the help to Iraq in security achievement " - Rice has told.

Earlier the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq Hoshijar Zibari greeted MTG carrying out in Charm - ash - the Sheikh at level of experts between the USA and Iran, and also at ministerial level between Syria and Iran.

" the Forthcoming stage of settlement of a situation in region demands removal of the international and regional intensity, including between such important figures in the course of settlement, as the USA, Syria and Iran " - has declared on a press - conferences of Zibari.

" We are very glad that within the limits of this forum there has passed a MTG at ministerial level between the USA and Syria, and also a MTG at level of experts between the USA and Iran " - he has added.

Diplomatic and trading - economic relations between the USA and Iran have been interrupted after an attack on the American embassy in Teheran in 1979. Then considerably adjusted Iranian students - supporters ajatolly Ruholly Musavi Khomeini storm have grasped embassy of the USA in Iran and declared a diplomatic mission of the USA " a nest of espionage and plots against Iran ". 52 employees of the American embassy who kept in hostages more than a year and two MTH have been grasped.

the USA throughout last twenty W superfluous entered years concerning Teheran various trading - economic sanctions, and also imposed a ban for sale of the American weapon to Iran.

Americans act as the main opponents of the Iranian nuclear program, considering that Iran can use peace nuclear technologies 4 creation of the nuclear weapon.

Recently both in the USA, and in Iran political circles support normalisation irano - the American relations and suggest to sit down for a negotiating table 4 discussion of all complex of problems in mutual relations of Teheran and Washington.

the Iranian authorities repeatedly declared that could consider possibility of direct negotiations W Americans if those change the hostile policy concerning Islamic Republic.