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In France the interdiction for propaganda B4 elections

In France comes into force in the night from Friday to Saturday the interdiction for propaganda B4 presidential election comes into force.

Official election campaign has come to the end at midnight, and from this point on up to end of elections which will take place on Sunday, candidates and their supporters more have no right to act W any public statements.

the publication NE matelov pre-election character in mass media Is forbidden 2. Results of polls, and also results of polls which votings in day are spent by sociological institutes on an exit from polling districts fall under an interdiction also.

This interdiction will operate up to 20. 00 Sundays local time (22. 00 Moscow time), that is before closing of all polling districts.

As the interdiction does not concern mass media of other countries, many French politicians suggest to reconsider this section of the selective legislation taking into account obvious process of globalisation of information field.

Observers do not exclude that similar revision can be made soon after end of present elective campaign.