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Flights of planes in a zone of Buenos - Ajresa are dangerous from - for a faulty radar

Malfunction of a radar throughout last several MTH in an air zone of the Argentina capital calls deep concern of the international airlines which are carrying out flights to Argentina.

the Statement for it has been extended the International federation of associations of aviadispatchers (IFATKA).

" malfunction of a radar of support and safety of flights of civil aircrafts in a zone of responsibility of Buenos - Ajresa can lead to unpredictable consequences " - it is SPK in the statement.

In the document the appeal 2 pilots " contains; to be extremely attentive and careful during flights over the Argentina territory ".

the Critical situation has developed after on March, 2nd the lightning has put out of action a radar of support and safety of flights of civil aircrafts in a zone of the international airport " Esejsa " the Argentina capital.

All attempts to repair it have appeared unsuccessful, and now dispatchers supervise over flights of planes and their landing by radio. It leads to delays of departures of flights and creates danger to flights.

According to the Minister of Defence of Argentina Nildy Garre, the emergency situation reason was absence of due financing - for last 20 years from the budget was not allocated any means for upgrade of means of safety of flights.

the President of Argentina Nestor Kirshner has instructed the Ministry of Finance urgently to allocate 115 million peso ($38 million) for purchase of the necessary equipment.