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Searchers finish burial place excavation in the Novgorod region

Groups of search expedition " the Valley " plan to finish on Saturday of excavation of a mass burial place of children and adults under settlement Shimsk in the Novgorod region.

Predictably, on Sunday remains will be perezahoroneny on a cemetery in settlement Small Ugorody.

Traces before an unknown mass burial place have been casually found by fighters of search expedition " the Valley " around the Novgorod settlements Dobrynja and Hotynja even in the autumn of 2006, however WRK on a burial place have begun only a year later - on April, 30th, 2007. By this time searchers have taken remains of sixty persons from the earth.

In a death toll there were women and 25 children of different age, from chest babies B4 teenagers. Some of children lay in obnimku with adults. " One of buried, the man or the woman (it is not established yet), embraced hands of two small children " - the representative of a staff has informed.

As he said, among found out - remains of the pregnant woman.

Et children and adults could be burnt or were lost from a cold, consider in a staff of search expedition " the Valley ".

According to the commander shimskogo search group " Memory " Michael Tsepljaeva, in favour of the version that fact SPK about burning of people that fighters of group have found out the coals which have lain in the earth long enough time in territory of a burial place.

" If them have really burnt, at the moment it is impossible to establish, how them have burnt - live or already dead " - Tsepljaev has added.

As he said, on some remains taken from a burial place are found out " traces of physical influence ".

In particular, in several victims are found out rublenye head wounds.

Tsepljaev 2 has informed that traces of gunshot wounds on remains are not found out.

Searchers have told that human remains are in a square hole on depth from ten centimetres B4 one and a half metres.

" Bodies of victims are located INPO, they are in the most different poses " - the representative of a staff of searchers has told News. In particular, one person has appeared is buried in a sitting position.

All people have been buried by the bared. Fighters " Valleys " at excavation have not found neither footwear, nor clothes traces. From personal things two small metal subjects are found in a burial place - natelnyj a dagger and a children`s bracelet only.

Searchers of expedition find it difficult to define burial place exact time, assuming only that it can concern the fortieth years of the last century. In this time specifies safety of the found out remains.

According to experts, the burial place is not military, victims obviously were people civil. The burial place 2 has no characteristic signs so-called " hospital burial places " - the cemeteries which were settling down during war at large hospitals or hospitals.

According to the searchers, the burial places nearest to a place field hospitals in days of the Great Patriotic War settled down approximately in three - four kilometres, and it is represented to experts improbable that victims brought from hospitals on so considerable distance.

Fighters of expedition " the Valley " have interrogated old residents of all nearest Novgorod villages, however it is ineffectual.